Environment and Resources

Hello GIJC participants,

The environment is rich with possibility for trans-national investigations—money, power and environmental damage, of course, show no respect for national frontiers.

We’ve compiled a list of some potentially valuable sources of information on environmental topics. This list is divided broadly into sources relating to climate change and the battle underway for cleaner energy; toxic chemicals impact on the environment and human health; the mining and oil industries; the illegal trade in wildlife and logging; and fracking.

You are invited to the upcoming workshop on transnational environmental collaborations, where we hope this document kick-starts some thinking on future investigations. The aim of the workshop is to have a discussion on these and related topics, to see where the most fruitful collaborations may lie. We are the facilitators of the discussion amongst us all: Our hope is that this list of sources provides not only some valuable future links for your investigations, but also may suggest some broad areas for collaborative investigations in the future.

We consider this a list to built upon and developed over time, starting with the upcoming workshop, and to act as a jumping off point for far more detailed discussion—based on your own experiences, interests, hunches.  Hopefully, we’ll identify some common areas of journalistic interest, and set the process in motion to kick off some investigations.

Look forward to seeing you in Rio!


Nils Mulvad & Mark Schapiro


The workshop team has assembled an extensive list of resources to help fuel the discussion. Here are more than 30 databases, resources, and story ideas to get you started.



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