To Rio: The cheapest tickets to Rio can be found through sites such as KayakExpedia, or Hotwire. GIJN, Abraji, and IPYS are working closely with our many partners to provide help as needed.

From the Airport: The International Airport Gaeão is a 27 km drive from the Royal Tulip hotel. Attendees, at their own expense, can take a taxi, which will cost from US$30 to US$50 depending on the taxi, the traffic, and time of day.

In the City: There will be morning and late afternoon shuttle buses from the main conference hotels (Royal Tulip, Marina) to the conference venue. Tourists are advised not to use public vans. If you opt to try the public buses, watch your belongings and do not ride them after dark. When traveling by yellow taxi, use only cars that openly display company information and phone numbers as well as red license plates.

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