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GIJC13 is not one conference but three: the 8th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC), Brazil’s 8th Abraji International Congress, and the 5th Latin American Investigative Journalism Conference (COLPIN). Each conference has made a major impact on public interest journalism and brings it own traditions and strengths to this unique event.

We come together at a time of unprecedented global interest in investigative journalism — in its cutting-edge skill set, its commitment to justice and fair play, and its contribution to transparency, accountability, and democracy. Although this is the eighth GIJC, it’s the first time we’ve held it in the global south. We know from past experience that our participants take home the skills, knowledge, and contacts we provide, and they do extraordinary things.

None of this would be possible without the many sponsors who contributed to this gathering. It is a broad range of supporters: major foundations, media companies, major corporations, NGOs, individuals, and GIJN’s member organizations around the world.

GIJC13’s many sponsors are listed below, by conference. Some donors are supporting all three conferences through their generous gifts. The event’s three partners — Abraji, GIJN, and IPYS — are hugely grateful for this support. Our sponsors have made a strategic investment in the future of a healthy, inquisitive global news media, one that uses the latest tools to investigative, collaborate, and disseminate some of the toughest, most important stories in the world. For that we offer a heartfelt Thank You.

gijc-sqGlobal Investigative Journalism Conference Sponsors

abraji2Abraji International Congress Sponsors

ipysLatin American Investigative Journalism Conference (COLPIN)


indiegogoIndiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Check out our crowdfunding campaign here. 

Muckraker Hall of Fame (our biggest donors)

Netzwerk Recherche (Germany’s association of investigative Journalists), Association for Investigative Journalism in Finland, Ben Skinner, Bill Orme, Brant Houston, Bridget Gallagher, Carlos Eduardo Huertas, David Bong, David Cay Johnston, David Schraven, Drew Sullivan, Esther Dyson, Gregor A. Heussen, Henk van Ess, James Breiner, Judy K. Baron, Larry Johnson, Louise Shelley, Manfred Redelfs, Marcelo Beraba, Margot Smit, Margot Williams, nalpak4, Nils Mulvad, Pam Eichner, Reg Chua, Santiago Villa, Sara Stapleton, Sasa Vucinic, Serena Tirani, Sheila Coronel, Stephen Pennells, Terry Atlas, Timothy OBrien, Tomas Zukal, Yuen Ying Chan .

GIJC13 Honor Roll

Amanda Pascal, Andras Petho, Andrew Marshall, Armando Zumaya, Bettina Peters, Daniel Lathrop, David Butow, Deborah Nelson, Diana Hembree, Diana Schemo, Don Podesta, eed10, Egmont R. Koch, Eric Johnson, Glenn Marcus, Gordon Witkin, Guenter Bartsch, Guenther Seidel, Harriett Stanbro, Hoda Osman, Jae Moreno Rand, James Hollings, Jane Regan, Jens Egil Heftoy, Josh Meyer, Kate Willson, Kira Zalan, Lee Fukui and Mauna Eichner, Linda Mares, Manfred Redelfs, Manfred Trost, Mar Cabra, Marcelo Moreira, Mark Schapiro, Marina Walker Guevara, Michael Zuckerman, Miranda Patrucic, Niloufar Ahmadzadeh, Olga Kravtsova, Patrick Akalomba, Patrick Butler, Robin Heller, Rosental Alves, Ruth Ann Harnisch, sdrada, Sebastian Faber, Stanley Correy, Ted Robbins, Thos Hayden, Tracy Barnett, Ulrike Maercks-Franze, Zachary Kaplan, William Kistner.


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