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shininglightIn October 2013, the Global Investigative Journalism Conference will again present the Global Shining Light Award, a unique award which honors investigative journalism in a developing or transitioning country, done under threat, duress, or in the direst of conditions. This is the fifth international conference at which the Global Shining Light Award is being granted. Past winners can be seen here in Geneva in 2010 and in Kiev in 2011.

The award will be announced and presented at a public forum at the global conference, held October 12 to 15, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Deadline for submissions was June 15, 2013.


Each year dozens of journalists and media workers are killed – and hundreds more are attacked, imprisoned or threatened – just for doing their job. Many of these violations of free expression occur in developing or emerging countries, and quite often during military conflicts. There are a number of international awards recognizing such attacks on freedom of expression.

But there is another clear trend that emerges in analyses of global attacks on reporters and the media. More and more journalists are being killed, and media outlets attacked, because they are carrying out important efforts in investigative journalism – exposing uncomfortable truths, shining light on systemic corruption, and providing accountability in societies yearning for democracy and development. There are as many journalists killed each year covering crime and corruption as are killed covering wars, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

On behalf of the global investigative journalism community, the Rio conference will again recognize and celebrate these courageous investigative journalists and their work. The winner will receive an honorary plaque and US$1,000.

The Award

The winning entrant will be notified by approximately mid-July. Airfare, hotel, per diems and conference registration for the journalist or one member of the team are included in the award.

The presentation of the plaque and $1,000 award will be made at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Rio in October 2013.


The journalist, journalism team, or media outlet provided independent, investigative reporting, which: Originated in and affected a developing or emerging country

  • Was broadcast or published between April 2, 2011 and December 31, 2012;
  • Was of an investigative nature;
  • Uncovered an issue, wrong-doing, or system of corruption which gravely affected the common good;
  • And did so in the face of arrest, imprisonment, violence against them and their families, or threats and intimidation
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